Architecture Designing


Why Our Architectural Designing Services in Lahore is the best?

Architectural Designing

BEAMS PVT LTD offers state-of-the-art architectural and interior design services for residential, industrial, commercial and institutional buildings design needs within the client's budget restrictions. We have a great portfolio for designing and building magnificent, sturdy, cozy and luxurious buildings by generating new ideas into the perfect solid structure.

Project Inspection

We start the process by taking clients’ requirements and mix it with our experiences and expertise in order to provide outstanding consultancy services. Moreover, our expert team of architects and project managers works closely throughout the construction process in order to monitor performance with respect to the details mentioned in the drawings and contract documents.

Site Analysis

Our approach is to perform extensive site analysis on initial stages so we can incorporate all our understanding even before making and documenting all plans. The inspection starts with looking at current site conditions including zoning, size of the area, climate, road level, soil condition as well as pen down all the issues and opportunities which may help in the existing and the future development phase.

Design And Development Phase

During the design and development phase, we make detail drawings including existing site plans, ground floor plans, first floor plans, front elevations, electrical, plumbing and sewerage drawings, working plans, etc. In a nutshell, we draw every phase before starting the actual construction process of your building into detail working plans so it’s easy for our clients to explain if any modification requires.

Structural Design Solution

The substructure of your building needs to be designed well before the construction of its superstructure. During the structural design phase, our expert team makes drawings and schedules related to foundation sections, all floors schedule of slabs, all floors slab reinforcement details, doors, windows lintel details, structural beam detail, and other custom structural needs as per mention by our clients.

Landscaping Plans

We have the art of making your surroundings aesthetically pleasing and colorful with lots of textures, designs and paving options. With years of experience in landscaping areas into a beautiful, luxurious and lively place is one of our fortes. We also provide concrete pavement and concrete blocks installation of different sizes and styles for front elevation, fountain, delineation, pathways, and any other custom need.

3D Modeling

With our 3D modeling techniques, we provide our clients with a real-time view of building before its construction starts. This helps in saving a significant amount of time and energy as well as any hidden cost which may reveal during the construction phase. If any modification requires in the sizes of the rooms, the distance in between or in elevation we change it easily and quickly as per the demand of our client.